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Reservation Terms and Conditions

When the reservation form which is signed by the Guests of the Arion Resort Hotel reaches the registered office of the Hotel, in the way of written form or by e-mail, the parties will be bind upon the contract conditions which are written above and accepted mutually by the parties. Arion Resort Hotel whose registered office is in İstanbul-Turkey is referred as HOTEL, and the party of the contract who buys a night to spend in the Hotel is referred as GUESTS in this agreement.

At Arion Resort Hotel, reservation requests are confirmed only after the reservation form which is signed by the Guest reaches to the Hotel’s Istanbul office. Reservation requests may be sent by our web reservation form at, by fax or by e-mail. The reservation will become absolute after the Office’s confirmation. The general reservation clauses are going to prevail at the time when the Guests reservation verbally is ratified by the Hotel in a written form or in the way of e-mail. The Hotel has no liability and responsibility about other matters which are not set in the Hotel’s brochure and internet address. Also any advice or information given to the Guests by a Travel Agencies or other individual can not cause the Hotel’s responsibility.

The accommodation costs are published at the Hotel’s web site. The accommodation cost includes overnight stay at the Hotel + breakfast + holiday insurance premium per person/per night. 8% tax will be added at the check-out. If there would be a case of currency exchange, the exchange rates at the reservation confirmation date will be taken into consideration.

After the Guest’s or Travel Agency’s reservation request is made, a deposit of 10% of the total accommodation cost must be paid for the Hotel to confirm that request; otherwise the Hotel can not be kept responsible for the validity of the reservation. These payments can be made in cash to the Istan-bul office or to the Hotel’s bank account. The Hotel can announce special discounted prices for several reasons as seasonality, room abundance and etc. While It has the right to increase these prices before any reservation is made.

In case the confirmed reservations are intended to be changed by the Guests, the demands regarding this change should be notified to the Hotel at least two months ago from the reservation date. The timely made reservation change demands are accepted in case the Hotel is available in the desired period while the increase in the prices are demanded as an addition and the decrease in the prices are evaluated for the benefit of the Guest.

Cancellation of booking can only be valid in case the notation is made in the written form by the Guest and according to the listed rules below. A refund will be paid excluding any insurance premiums amendment charges, less these following cancellation fees : 100% refund 43 days or earlier from the reservation day, 50% between 42-28 days, 25% between 27-15 days. If a cancellation request is made before 14 days or later, no refund will be done.

The hotel has the right to change, but this right is used exceptionally and when force majeure arises. Although the hotel is not obliged to notify the changes in advance, the relevant person will be informed as soon as possible. If the changes made by the guests who have made the reservation are not accepted, the payments made will be refunded.

The Hotel, in any circumstance, reserves the right to cancel a booking. However, in any case this cancellation will be done less than two months before the scheduled check-in date unless it is for reasons outside the Hotel’s control or for late or non-payment by the Guest(s). If the Hotel cancels the holiday other than late or non-payment cause, it will offer the Guest(s) an alternative holiday of comparable type or full refund of payment received excluding insurance premiums or previous administrative charges.

The Guests coming abroad have the responsibility to procure the correct documentation for entry to Turkey. Any charge that the Hotel incurs as a result of the failure to obtain the correct documentation shall be reimbursed by the Guest(s) to the Hotel accordingly. It is under the Guests’ responsibility to seek and apply the advisory conditions about the travel and medical information about entrance and exit to Turkey.

The Hotel does not have any responsibility about carriage, transfer and transfer reservation except the stipulations of the Hotel which were accepted in a written form. Each journey that the Guests booked by land, sea or air is governed by the conditions of the carrier undertaking to provide the carriage. In these circumstances, the international agreements are going to apply to the foreign Guests. It is under the Guests’ own responsibility to reconfirm their flights prior to departure in each direction. This service will be generally provided by the Hotel in the presence of the Guests’ demand, for the outbound journey flights and as a ground handling agent to reconfirm the flights.

The existence of the Guest(s)’ behaviour which causes distress, damage, annoyance or danger to any other person, the Hotel reserves the right in its absolute discretion to terminate the holiday arrangements without notice or caution and to take these Guests out of the Hotel. In such circumstanc-es, no compensation or refund is due. And as a result of that, if the Hotel incurs any damage or charge, the Hotel reserves the right to demand to recompense these damages.

The Guests do not have the right to demand repayment from the Hotel, because of the unused overnight stays as a reason of earlier departure and etc. In such circumstances, the Hotel has the right to demand and recompense the total price equivalent the overnight stay reservations made by the Guests.

The Guests, for the period starting from their arrival up to their departure date, will be inclusive to the fully comprehensive insurance which expenses will be covered/paid by the Hotel. The insurance ends at the time of departure date. The Guests have the choice to prolong the insurance up to the time, according where they have planned to arrive, as travel insurance. The right to prolong the insurance is going to be rescinded by itself for the Guests who did not demand to prolong the insurance in a written form before leaving the Hotel.

This booking contract conditions between the Hotel and Guests are governed by and construed in accordance with Turkish Law. Both parties are agree that; any disputes arising out related with this contract between parties is going to be solved by the rules of Turkish Law as a valid law and İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices in Turkey have been authorized according to this contract.